About us

We are a company (serial entrepreneur) that continues to create new medical devices based on our "seeds, needs, and wants" concept.
We are a business producer of medical devices.

our works

Industry-academia partnerships face difficulties in boosting widespread use of products in the medical field as there are obstacles in launching products (such as regulations of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act, regulatory approval process and cost pressures). We are able to meet the needs and work on the seeds of various medical institutions, complying with laws and regulations, organizing intellectual property, and building a sales channel network. We also facilitate the commercialization of medical devices with an eye on the appropriate price range and target.


Sales of Medical Devices

We build appropriate sales channels and expand distribution of medical devices. We network with the right sales partners for each product, ensuring products reach users in need of them.


R&D of Medical Devices

Based on the research results of Tottori University Hospital and ideas generated in the medical field, we conduct testing and market research for the practical application of products, and collaborate with private companies to develop medical devices.

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